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Hypnotic, sensual, mesmorizing. These are words that permanently live inside of Octavio. A modern virtuoso of the panpipes, his haunting tones and hypnotic gaze have made him one of the most popular acts to ever grace the Dance Party 4000 stage.


fact #1:

Octavio was asked to perform as the opening act for Dizzee Rascal at the YouTube Video Awards at Abbey Road studios!

Octavio fact #2:

Major UK fashion retailer New Look fell hard for the panpipes and decided to use Octavio for their official Xmas promo video!

Octavio fact #3:

In 2011, Octavio was chosen to be the face of popular shopping mall food court favourite, Manchu Wok.

Octavio fact #3:

Octavio was featured in Duotard's Instagram video for the launch of

MTV Bump which was aired on

MTV worldwide.

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