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So......what do you do?


People ask you this ALLLLL the time.


And I'm like, my wife and I host a karaoke. But you have to sing while running on a cross trainer. Oh and we make music videos too, do you like panpipe music? Did I mention I'm also a professional tape measurer. Yes, that exists. That giant burger? Yeah, we make stuff like that sometimes. Did you see that fast food themed crazy golf thing we did? Speaking of fast food, do you want a corn dog? We have a shopping cart deep fryer out back.

No, really. We do.


Why are we dressed head to toe in rainbow spandex?


Because we are Duotard, dummy.


So......... What do you do?

The House of Hot Breath are Mike Gabel and Jennifer Earle.

They are artists, ideas generators, producers, performers and innovators.

They provide creative entertainment solutions, digital content and creative consulting for events, experiential marketing, and brand activation specializing in interactivity, engagement and above all else, fun. 

They were a creative force in London for over a decade and have left an indelible mark on the city's creative landscape and now have focussed their attention on the cosmos and beyond.

The pudding:

TimeOut London

The Guardian

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