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Lidl Richard is The House of Hot Breath's very own discount electro garage punk screamer. Using vintage drum machines, synths and children's toys, he strips down garage rock classics and turns them into blistering, raw electro punk workouts that sound like Suicide jamming with The Sonics in the toilet at Toys 'R' Us.

Lidl Richard

fact #1:

With no recorded music, no appearances in 5 years and just one clip on YouTube, Lidl managed to get booked for a garage punk festival in Spain!

Lidl Richard

fact #2:

An artist saw Lidl Richard play at

Dance Party 4000 and was inspired

to immortalize him in this painting!

Lidl Richard

fact #4:

When Lidl Richard plays,

things get wild.

Lidl Richard

fact #3:

Lidl once sold a carrier bag at a show for ten pounds cash money.

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