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The Olympics are great, right? Truly amazing people doing truly amazing stuff. Like running and jumping. And throwing things while running and jumping.

But how can the general you and me get in on that level of sporting excellence?

How can you honestly measure that kind of glory?

You do it with a tape measure. A really long one. On a roof. Ideally with no wind.

The Tape Measure Challenge is a totally accessible, fun and hilarious event designed to add a bit of humour and good natured competition to your next outdoor event. Ridiculous? Totally. But you'd be surprised just how into measuring people can be.

We've come up with the ultimate sporting tournament for everyone. There's no strict training regime, no algae infused egg yolk chugbacks, just a tape measure, a steady hand, a bit of finesse, and above all an unflinching desire be good at something that is ultimately pointless.

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