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So, will it be "the usual" at Tim's or do you run down the block to find that hot new Korean food truck you follow on Instagram? If it's the food truck, I'll save you a spot in line. Food truck vendors are resourceful, endlessly creative, multi-talented and often come from unconventional paths and that is precisely what you get by choosing to call me.


I chose to sell all my possessions in my 20's and move to London, England, not knowing a soul. This led me to an 18 year career as an self-made artist, performer, and creative bon vivant, and gave me a portfolio of personal and professional creative work that spans many different industries and media.


I have worked on experiential marketing campaigns for global brands such as MTV, Vice, Mercedes, Puma, Diageo, Nike and Google and as a freelance content producer, I have produced social medias videos for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with views in the hundreds of thousands.


Four years ago, my choices brought me full circle and I sold everything again and came back to Canada. I now want to bring my dedication to unique creative solutions and years of experience working in the creative capital of the world back to Canada where I feel it is so desperately needed.


So step away from that turkey bagel and let's go find that food truck.

would you like to give mike a job?
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