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. Their "award winning" instructional dance DVD has been sold in some of the busiest service stations in the country and they have performed in some of the largest shopping centers in Eastern Europe.


Duotard are the world's foremost

husband and wife semi-professional,

amateur interpretive dancers.

They have made it their life's work to share the magic of interpretive dance with the world, one person at a time.


fact #1:

Duotard's facial expression techniques have been used by doctors for patients suffering from taking themselves way too seriously.


fact #2:

This video of Duotard building

a giant cheeseburger won them

£10,000 from Walkers Crisps


fact #3:

MTV asked Duotard to make a

video for their MTVBump platform 

that was broadcasted worldwide.

Now they are household names in Poland. 


fact #4:

Duotard's dance ribbons were sold in Colette, Paris as part of Todd Selby's pop up shop.

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