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One day I decided that London needed corn dogs. Specifically corn dogs cooked in a shopping cart. Coins Junkyard Snacks was a portable deep fryer built in a shopping cart that served home made beige snacks such as corn dogs, tater tots, and deep fried pickles. To keep the punters occupied while the food was bubbling, the cart was equipped with various entertainment options like Galaga and vintage surfing movies on VHS. I later added pub style bar optics to the front so I could also dispense cocktails. I actually managed to take this rig on the tube once, which is probably the craziest thing I have ever done.

why is it called coins?

I wanted to make a food cart that served small, quick food for people on the go. That's what a snack is, right? Every item on the Coins menu was under five pounds and could be purchased with you guessed it, coins. 

"Brilliantly shit" - TimeOut London

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