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Christmas Advent-ageous was our annual Christmas show at BGWMC that we did 4 years in a row from 2006 to 2009. The focal point of the show was a 14ft wide hand painted advent calendar. Everyone received a raffle ticket on entry and had a chance of opening one of the 25 doors on the calendar and getting a gift from Santa. The middle section of the calendar became a puppet theatre and the The Hackney Puppet Players would present a heart warming Christmas story. Over the years Christmas Advent-ageous featured live acts such as Duotard, Totally Gingerbread and Les Doodis & The Divine Light Gospel Revue.

The entertainment was purposely very childish and was meant to promote maximum Christmas spirit and invoke memories of a Christmas as a child. One year, we  evenpresented the exact same show the following morning for children and gave all the proceeds to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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